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Renault Avantime TV Advert

A short video celebrating 10 years of the Avantime (French with English Subtitles)

A 12 minute film made to celebrate the 10th anniversary, which includes interviews with many people involved in the development of the car. You can view this video in French on the French Videos page

Here is a fantastic review by an owner, it is in Hungarian I think, but has english subtitles.

***NEW*** Richard Hammond takes a first look at the production Avantime at the 1999 Frankfurt Motor Show

***NEW*** Men & Motors takes an early look at the production Avantime in 2000

Richard Hammond reviews the Avantime for Men & Motors

An introduction to the Avantime by Men & Motors 'Car File' - Video will just play Avantime excerpt.

Here is the TopGear 'roadtest' where they attempt to make the avantime as fast round their track as a Mitsubishi Evo X